Travelers Rest Pickleball Program

Playing Opportunities

Friendly Open Play

For all players wanting to play a “light game” or are trying to gain confidence.  Typically less pace and more enjoyable for new players.  New players often get help from more advanced players.    Advanced players can use friendly play to work on specific skills.

Competitive Play

Competitive Play is for players looking to win.   Typically, players in this group have had sufficient experience to compete, are physically capable and able to play a fast-paced, physical game, and are confident.  (USAPA 3.0 and up) 

Ladies Only Friendly Play

A light game more focus on social interaction. For these ladies only sessions, leave your competitive side at home and join the group to see who can laugh the most while playing one of North America’s fastest growing recreational sports.

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Introduction to Pickleball

This class is for people who are either new to Pickleball or would like a refresher of the basics.  During the class we will start with the do’s and don’t of Pickleball to help keep everyone safe.  We will also cover the basic components of playing Pickleball including how to hit the ball with various strokes used during play, the position of players on the courts, the basic rules for play and of course the scoring of the games.  The goal for the course is for someone to be able to play a game of Pickleball after the course; however, this should be considered just the beginning of your training journey into the fantastic game of Pickleball.  Attending this course multiple times is not unusual.  Please wear court shoes and appropriate athletic attire to participate in the course.  All necessary equipment will be provided as necessary.  

Skills Clinics

These sessions are lead by 1 or more of our certified teaching professionals.  The pre-requisite for these sessions is for each student to have at minimum an understanding of the basic strokes of the game including a forehand, backhand, serve and a dink.  When possible, the players will be broken up into advanced and non advanced players so that the level on the skill being taught can be most appropriate for the student.  Each skills is taught via the same approach, describe the skill, demonstrate the skill, discuss strategy for use and then we work on execution via drills and games.  The expectation is for each skill to be worked on over repetitive sessions. 

Play with a Pro

For those that have taken the introduction to Pickleball or meet the required pre-requisites of understanding the content presented in the intro course, this is a great way to take the next step and learn while playing actual games.  At least one of our certified teaching professionals will play games with players that are new to Pickleball by enjoying the fun of actual games.  Games may be stopped for teaching moments.  This is a great way to learn and an opportunity to feel comfortable enough to join the rest of the Pickleball community for games. 

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Health and Fitness

Pickleball Yoga

Yoga & Conditioning for Athletes with no prior yoga experience necessary.

We will release fascia and tight muscles to increase flexibility and speed around the hips and shoulders while strengthening the core with balance and stabilizing the neck and spine. We will also address feet, wrists, and hands with stretching techniques. Each class will finish with breathing techniques to improve focus and VO2Max.

Create a more flexible & stronger body while increasing endurance.

Pickleball Cardio

This is a fun activity focuses more on developing your cardio fitness than developing your Pickleball skills; however, the two are combined into a fun but calorie burning activity.  Please be prepared for a workout.  Warning: music that makes you want to dance may be used during this activity!!!!  Dress appropriately and be prepared to hydrate as necessary. 

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Special Events

Events include mini tournaments like round robin, ladder or neighborhood challenge and may be combine with social events such as pot lucks. Format of the event, sign up information and other details will be announced at least a week prior to the schedule event on the calendar.

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