Radio Controlled Activities at Travelers Rest

There are almost 100 RC enthusiasts at Travelers Rest who race radio -controlled boats, planes, trucks and trains!

These activities take place 6 days a week and virtually all of them are outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. 

RC Activities are suitable for and enjoyed by all ages and genders. Most have a low “entry” cost and provide fun, social connections and competition at the novice through to the advanced level. 

If you have always wanted to try your hand at these fast-growing sports or if you wish to return to a hobby you enjoyed in the past, here is some information which will help you either get involved in one (or more!) or visit the races in various parts of the TR resort. 

Cars and Trucks

The fastest growing RC sport at TR is truck racing, Wednesday and Saturday mornings at 9:30am. This growth has resulted in a new extended, banked track near the Snack Shack and Vanishing Lake. There may soon be night racing under the lights. The standard truck is the two-wheel drive Traxxas Slash which is on a 13” wheelbase and has a top speed of about 30mph. The races are multiple heats, and each truck is digitally timed! These very rugged trucks are available from local hobby shops as well as the internet and a ready to run package is about $250.00. Additional batteries and a faster charger would add another $100 if desired.

For additional information contact:
Scott Tartaglia
(203) 510 9845


The Soling 1M is our classic sailboat and is kit built. Complete kits are not currently available, however, two manufacturers are offering partial kits starting at $200 with used Soling 1M’s appearing periodically for sale at TR in the $250-300 range. The second “modern” high performance sailboat is the Dragon Flite 95 which costs about $495 including transmitter and receiver. Some assembly required. Both classes race on Wednesday and Saturday (9am) with practices on Tuesday. Mirror Lake is accessed via the foot path on the left (port) side of the first golf fairway.

For additional information contact:
Barry Sellick
(828) 553-8692 

Power Boats

The RC power boat club is a great way to enjoy an outdoor activity on the water with the spirit of competition and fun. Offering 3 different classes of boats ranging from our original PowerVee (home fleet), to the beginner class, Traxxas Blast and our advanced class boat, the Traxxas Spartan.

The PowerVee Class was the original RC power boat and is still racing. Although it is out of production, because of their popularity, used boats can still be found. They are easy to control, just fast enough to make it interesting, and a perfect choice for entertaining visiting grandchildren. The adult Captains also find it challenging!

The Traxxas Blast is engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive. This boat is RTR (ready to run) which includes everything you need to get started racing (please see our rules before purchasing batteries for correct size). Traxxas Blast MODEL# 38104-1 can be purchased at local hobby shops or online with a advertised cost of $149.95. Additional batteries and a high speed charger are a recommended option.

The Traxxas Spartan is a 35+mph fury that makes even the most insatiable, power-hungry enthusiasts jump up and take notice. The boat is sold as a RTR (ready to run) boat but you will need to purchase 2 S 7.4 volt Lipo batteries and charger. The Traxxas Spartan MODEL# 57076-4 can be purchased at local hobby shops or online with a advertised cost of $399.99 plus battery and charger. This boat is fast and we do not recommend it for beginners.

All three classes of boats race on Monday and Friday mornings at 9:00am on Mirror Lake. These organized races have rules governing the course, safety, standard equipment specifications, and include generous quantities of fun.

For additional information contact:
Howard Best
Lot 14-31

Don Meddles
Lot 19-28


On Tuesdays, you may see planes flying on the ninth fairway of the golf course! There are several residents who have brought their RC craft, which include bi-planes, twin engine fighters and even amphibians. We expect to see drones and maybe helicopters in the future. These planes are electric only, with wingspans under 40 inches and cost $150 to $350.  For further information or just “pilot chatter”, contact Jerry McRoberts 317 412 5932

Indoor flying in Busch Hall is also popular. These indoor planes have less than a 24 inch wingspan and cost between $50 and $200. There are “vapor” planes (very slow speed) for new pilots to learn and practice on.

For additional information contact:
James Morrow
(636) 584-5214

Model Railroad

The TR Model Railroad Club promotes creativity in modeling custom layouts, train operations, and companionship of likeminded individuals.  We endeavor to support each other’s efforts by sharing knowledge and skills. Our primary goal is to model N-scale series modules and join them together for a fully operational train layout.  We meet weekly on Fridays at 10:00 AM in the Activities Building.  Each meeting is structured to provide education, sharing of ideas, operations and discussion of new and interesting products. The N-scale modules lends themselves to the RV lifestyle since, they are small and compact. Modules vary in size and shape, which allows for different layout configurations.  Layout modules can be made both at home and here at TR.  Scenery design is left up to the builder.  Individual creativity is greatly encouraged and all skill levels are welcome. Our members are new and experienced to the hobby.

  • Individual design and preferences
  • Small and compact with most modules being 12” wide and 8” or 10” deep.
  • When modules are joined together, layout configurations can be changed easily
  • Module construction can be as simple as assembly of pre-purchased module kits
  • Scenery design is left up to the builder

For additional information contact:
Brian Krupicka